National Eye Database (NED)


The National Eye Database (NED) is a service supported by the Ministry of Health (MOH) as an approach to collect health information. It collects data on incidences and distributions, and evaluates risk factors as well as treatment outcome of visually threatening eye diseases such as cataract, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and contact lens related corneal ulcer. In the initial phase, NED will collect data on cataract surgery, status of diabetic retinopathy in new diabetic patients, contact lens related corneal ulcer and glaucoma patients. Besides disease registry, NED also collects monthly service census of MOH Ophthalmology departments. The census serves as an effort to monitor key performance indicators of each ophthalmology department in the MOH.

Information collected at NED will be very useful in assisting the MOH, Non-Governmental Organizations, private healthcare providers and industry in program planning and evaluation, leading to eye disease prevention and control as well as continuous improvement of ophthalmic service in the nation.


Performance Monitoring

Service Monitoring and Surveillance


The Fifth Report of the National Eye Database 2011 The Fourth Annual
Report of the National Eye
Database 2010

The Third Annual
Report of the National Eye
Database 2009
The Second Annual
Report of the National Eye
Database 2008 

The First Report of
the National Eye
Database 2007