Current legislation allows doctors to release their patients’ data to authorized parties for the sake of public health and safety. The National Cardiovascular Disease Database (NCVD) meets this requirement. The NCVD has also developed strict policies and procedures to maintain confidentiality of data collected as well as disclosure of data.


Patient Data Protection

The registry will institute stringent information security policies and procedures, supported by state of the art data protection technology, which will be in accord with standard disease registration practice, and in compliance with applicable regulatory guidelines.


Patient Information and Consent

Source data providers (SDP) are required to publicly inform all its existing and prospective patient-clients of its participation in the registry through a public notice that is prominently displayed at one or more locations in its premise such that they are unlikely to escape the notice of the site’s clients. In addition to informing patients of a site’s participation in the registry, the public notice will inform patients the following:

The registry website where a patient may obtain more information about the registry
Patient may request a site to withhold reporting his or her data
Data reported to the registry will be used strictly for the sole purpose of statistical reporting and for clinical research
Only aggregate statistical will be published, and will not identify any individual patients


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