1st October 2009
Steering Committee Meeting

14 October 2009
Governance Board Meeting

The National Cancer Patient Registry (NCPR) is a hospital based patient registry which responsible for the collection of information regarding patients with a confirmed diagnosis of cancer presenting to participating centers in Malaysia. Availability of local data will enable us to evaluate and compare the outcome of our patients. This will help to support our clinical decision making and local policy, improve access to treatment and improve the provision and delivery of oncology services in Malaysia. The National Cancer Patient Registry is proposed to provide a database for cancer patients who come for treatment in Malaysia. It will be a valuable tool to provide timely and robust data on the real world view of oncology practice, safety and cost effectiveness of treatment and most importantly the outcome of these patients.
The registry study population consists of patients with Cancers to be recruited from participating sites in Malaysia.
Participation in this study is voluntary. (Poster Consent)
Other than NCPR general Cancer type, there are 4 cancer specified registry which are linked to NCPR.

DATABASE National Cancer Patient Registry (NCPR)
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NCPR-Haematology Malignancy
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NCPR-Breast Cancer
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NCPR-Colorectal Cancer
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Nasopharyngeal Cancer
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Ideally all oncologists, hematologists, ENT specialists, gastroenterologists, surgeons, pathologist, pharmacists and radiographers in this country who are involved in cancer treatment ought to participate in NCPR. All that is required of you is to report online data to the NCPR and this is simple. We urge you to do your bit for your community and help NCPR obtain the information crucial to evaluate and improve cancer treatment in Malaysia.

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Disclaimer: Statistics & related information in this website are provided for research purpose only. Every effort is made to keep the data accurate.
If you are aware of any errors. please send data including information on the source & reliability of data to ncpr@crc.gov.my
Last Updated: 25 July 2011
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