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Effectiveness of selective risk based screening for Gestational Diabetes (GDM) in Malaysia: A retrospective cohort study based on the National Obstetric Registry (NOR) of Malaysia.
Ganeshan M, Soelar SA, Stat BI, Karalasingam SD, O&G MM, Bujang MA, Jeganathan R, Suharjono H.
Med J Malaysia. 2017 Feb;72(1):46-9.


Factors associated with recovery from 1 min Apgar score less than 4 in live singleton term births. An analysis of Malaysian National Obstetrics Registry data 2010 - 2012
Ravichandran Jeganathan , Shamala D Karalasingam, Julia Hussein, Pascal Allotey, Daniel Reidpath.
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth (2017) 17:110


BMI classifications based on specific public health action points as a predictor of adverse obstetric outcomes among Asians.
Muniswaran Ganeshan1, Mohamad Adam Bujang, Shahrul Aiman Soelar, Shamala Devi Karalasingam, Harris Suharjono, Ravichandran Jeganathan
Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology ,India (Accepted 2017-waiting to be publish)