Outreach Programme Census

Ministry of Health (MOH) is the biggest provider of ophthalmology service in the country including the outreach activities. However, data for these activities conducted by all the Ophthalmology Departments are not readily available and most are not properly documented.

Due to the increasing number of cataract surgeries performed in MOH facilities, the existence of the mobile and the satellite cataract services and the expansion in the outreach activities, these data need to be compiled and organised both at the central and departmental level. These data can possibly be analysed and be used for the improvement of ophthalmology outreach services in the country.

Data collected include details of activity, total number of individual screened by age and disease, total number of referral to ophthalmologist and optometrists, total number of cataract surgeries done and the updated number of eye trained paramedics.


  1. To compile data pertaining to outreach activities by all ophthalmology department in the country.
  2. To update the number of Primary Eye Care and Ophthalmic Post Basic staff available in the country.
  3. To study the patients' demography in the outreach activities.
  4. To study the eye disease workload in the outreach activities.
  5. To study the cataract surgery workload in the outreach activities.

All ophthalmology departments in the Ministry of Health

Downloadable Data Collection Form

  1. Outreach Programme Census Form