About NTrD


Welcome to the National Trauma Database (NTrD).

The NTrD is a MOH supported service to collect information on outcome of trauma patients. The information can be used to determine the frequency, mechanism of injury and distribution of major trauma in the country. Such information is useful for assisting the MOH, non-governmental organizations, private providers and industry in planning and evaluation, leading to trauma prevention and control.

The NTrD is sponsored by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia and supported by several of its organizations:
• Emergency Department, Selayang Hospital.
• Department of Neurosurgery, Kuala Lumpur Hospital.
• Clinical Research Centre (CRC), Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

The CRC of the MOH will provide technical support in the form of clinical epidemiology expertise, and biostatistical and ICT services.

A Governance Board will be established to oversee the operations of the NTrD. The MOH, universities, professional bodies, NGOs and private healthcare providers will be present on this committee to ensure that the NTrD stays focused on its objectives, continuing relevance and justification.


Purpose of the NTrD

The objectives of the NTrD are to:
• Determine the frequency, mechanism of injury and distribution of major trauma in Malaysia. These are useful measures of health burden arising from the major trauma and its management in the country.
• Determine the outcome and probability of survival of the trauma patients.
• Evaluate the major trauma management in the participating hospitals and to come up with guidelines for improved trauma care.
• Determine the extent improvements introduced have been achieved.
• Stimulate and facilitate research on major trauma and its management.
Sources of trauma data in Malaysia
The NTrD receives data on trauma from main source of:
• All Emergency Physicians and Neurosurgeons in Malaysia beginning with those currently working in the government sector and later on extending it to those beyond (private and armed forces) for data on trauma in the country.

Wouldn’t you want to report to the NTrD?

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For the NTrD to succeed, ideally all doctors who have anything to do with trauma ought to report to the NTrD. We urge you to do your part for your community, and help NTrD obtain the information crucial to health care development in this country especially in the field of emergency and neurosurgery.

We look forward to the continued support and collaboration from parties that will enable the National Trauma Database (NTrD) to develop and contribute significantly to the control of trauma in this country.

Trauma Reporting Made Simple
• Online data collection


What are the benefits of participating in NTrD?

Apart from doing your bit for your community, here are some other benefits to being a reporter:
• Access to the database and to therefore study the trend of trauma in the country.
• Online data query and statistics of your institution anytime, anywhere.
• Online comparison of your institution data versus the country data anytime, anywhere.
• Data security and privacy are in compliance with regulatory requirement.
• Invitation to all functions organized by the NTrD.
• Acknowledgement in all publications of the NTrD.
• Complementary personal copy of all NTrD publications.
• Free listing in the NTrD’s web site.
• Tap into a network of like-minded people from diverse professional disciplines and backgrounds.


What about confidentiality?

Current legislation allows doctors to release their patients’ data to persons demonstrating a need, which is essential to public health and safety. The NTrD meets this requirement. The NTrD has also developed strict policies and procedures to maintain confidentiality in disclosure of data.


The MOH is the sponsor of the registry where the day-to-day operations of the National Trauma Database is largely funded by Ministry of Health, Malaysia.