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About DermReg

DermReg is an ongoing systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of data pertaining to dermatological diseases and services in Malaysia.


DermReg is

a prospective, multi-centre, cohort study
essential to the planning, implementation and evaluation of clinical and health services as well as research in dermatology
a nationwide project which aims to integrate all dermatological patient registries and databases developed in Malaysia


Objectives of DermReg


General Objective

To establish a nationwide systematic prospective collection of data pertaining to skin diseases and dermatological services, in order to study the natural history, outcome and quality of life issues of skin diseases, as well as the effectiveness, safety and accessibility of various treatment modalities


Specific Objectives:

1. Determine the socio-demographic profile of patients with skin diseases
2. Determine the burden of skin diseases in the population
3. Describe the natural history of skin diseases
4. Identify the potential causal and risk factors of skin diseases
5. Describe the clinical manifestation of skin diseases
6. Describe the effect of skin diseases on the quality of life
7. Determine the efficacy and cost effectiveness of treatment of skin diseases
8. Monitor the safety and adverse effects of products and services used in the treatment of skin diseases
9. Evaluate accessibility and quality of health services related to skin diseases
10. Stimulate and facilitate basic, clinical and epidemiological research on skin diseases
11. Monitor the performance and competency of trainees in performing skin biopsies
12. Assess the accuracy of pre-biopsy clinical diagnosis of skin diseases based on the histopathological diagnosis from skin biopsy